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Connections faculty and staff newsletter
 March 2014

Employee transitions

New employees

Bradley Bartlett, student services coordinator, Admissions
Daniel Boes, admissions counselor, Admissions
Dillon Bradley, part-time learning lab assistant, Whidbey Island, WA
Vicki Brooks, course review specialist, Online Campus
Lawrence Diosco, campus admissions manager, Jacksonville, FL
Brian Lopez, campus safety officer, Campus Safety
Kaci Mahan, administrative assistant, Jefferson City, MO
Jay Oshiro, academic advisor, San Diego, CA
Miriam Paneck, administrative assistant, Online Campus
Samantha Smith, part-time test proctor, Evening Campus
Jane Tibbetts, data and gift administration specialist, Development
Ross Turley, safety officer, Campus Safety
Tracy Woodland, part-time computer support technician, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

Laterals & promotions

Paula Willis, Office of the Registrar to coordinator, Registration and Financial Services