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 December 2013

Have you been checking your campus's Compass page?

Have you been checking your campus's Compass page? Don't forget - there is a blog dedicated just for your campus!

Did you know there are blogs out there for each Nationwide Campus and the Evening Campus?

Be sure to check your local blog often for news about your campus and the college as a whole. It will keep you updated on events, scholarships and deadlines. And don’t forget to let the students you encounter know about the blog as well.

To get to your campus’s blog, you can go to your campus’s homepage and scroll to the bottom right, where the Compass icon is located. For example, on the Columbia College-Hunter Army Airfield page, you’ll see the icon under the Facebook button. Or you can go directly to the general Compass page and find your campus from there.

Are you thinking to yourself: Can you just give me a link to my campus blog? OK, OK, check them all out here:

Columbia College-Coast Guard Island
Columbia College-Crystal Lake
Columbia College-Denver
Columbia College-Elgin
Columbia College Evening Campus
Columbia College-Fort Drum
Columbia College-Fort Leonard Wood
Columbia College-Fort Sill
Columbia College-Fort Stewart
Columbia College-Fort Worth
Columbia College-Freeport
Columbia College-Guantanamo Bay
Columbia College-Hancock Field
Columbia College-Hunter Army Airfield
Columbia College-Jacksonville
Columbia College-Jefferson City
Columbia College-Joint Base Charleston-Weapons Station
Columbia College-Kansas City
Columbia College-Lake County
Columbia College-Lake of the Ozarks
Columbia College-Lemoore
Columbia College-Los Alamitos
Columbia College-Moberly
Columbia College-NAS Jacksonville
Columbia College-NS Everett/Marysville
Columbia College-Orlando
Columbia College-Patrick Air Force Base
Columbia College-Redstone Arsenal
Columbia College-Rolla
Columbia College-Salt Lake
Columbia College-San Diego
Columbia College-San Luis Obispo
Columbia College-Springfield
Columbia College-St. Louis
Columbia College-Whidbey Island