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 September 2013

Open forum will discuss general education requirements

The GENEXT task force looks to examine and improve curriculum.

General education is the foundational component of a curriculum that improves the lives of undergraduate students. The GENEXT open forum will discuss the strengths, weaknesses, expectations and overall future of general education requirements at Columbia College and will help to inform a task force on revising general education in a meaningful way.

Interim President Dr. Terry Smith has consistently said general education must be grounded in the liberal arts and sciences. His objectives for the task force are to:

• Establish goals for general education
• Determine how those goals will be assessed
• Determine the courses necessary to meet the goals

In a meeting on May 9, Dr. Gerald Brouder, president emeritus, told the task force, “Of the many task forces and committees that inform our institutional journey to excellence, I can think of only very few that approach the importance of this task force. Your efforts will fundamentally change the undergraduate experience at Columbia College, an awesome responsibility.”

History Professor Dr. Brad Lookingbill is chairing the GENEXT task force. He also stressed the importance of the task force, specifically on ensuring the college lays a strong groundwork for students.

“The most significant challenge that we face is how to help today’s students develop the broad knowledge and intellectual skills that prepare them for the jobs of tomorrow and for their role as citizens,” Lookingbill said.

The GENEXT Open Forum will be held at 11 a.m. Tuesday, Oct. 1, 2013, at the Bixby Lecture Hall in the Brouder Science Center. All interested people can participate and voice opinions about general education at the college to ensure Columbia College’s curriculum exemplifies educational excellence.