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 September 2013

College's key goals updated

The 2013-15 goals have been approved, and your feedback is requested.

Columbia College’s current transformational (strategic) plan was approved in 2005 and is designed to be a highly dynamic document. It uses the core components of the Higher Learning Commission reaccreditation as its inspiration. This plan is part of what has afforded the college’s reaccreditation through the 2023-24 academic year.

In addition, the Key Goals are designed to address urgent needs in the context of the long-term plan. These Key Goals are periodically updated.

The Administrative Council of the college has approved the Key Goals for 2013-15 and seeks your input — comments, suggestions and concerns. Please feel free to provide feedback to Dr. Smith here.

Please take time to look at the Key Goals. Every area of the institution is touched by the goals we set as a college.

A little detail

Not all of the goals included in this document are necessarily obvious or intuitive. See the details below:

• Implement assessment plan. This is actually the top goal. Our incomplete academic outcomes assessment plan was identified by the Higher Learning Commission visit team in October 2012 as an area that requires attention.
• Implement LEAN. This is an institutional effectiveness initiative designed to improve processes and reduce waste. The college will celebrate the kick-off to LEAN in September in Southwell. This date was chosen to coincide with the Nationwide directors’ conference.
• Create a Strategic Initiatives Fund. This fund is a way to invest in the future and innovation of the college. More information will be available soon.