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 August 2013

Denver assistant director runs for her life

Denver assistant director runs for her life

Allison Friederichs participated in a zombie obstacle 5K for charity.

Uh oh! Zombies got the better of Allison Friederichs, the assistant director at the Denver campus, when she ran in a zombie obstacle course at the end of June. Unfortunately, she ended the race "infected."

The zombie race, called Run for Your Lives, is a 5K course where runners must make their way through a series of obstacles, such as a "blood pit" and a maze, in order to survive the zombie apocalypse. "Zombies" attempt to take flags from around runners’ waists to "infect" them, but those who make it to the end with one flag complete the race as a "Survivor."

"The reason I chose the zombie run, really, is a friend talked me into it," Friederichs says. "She said it was a lot of fun — and it was! But also, I always make sure that the races I do support a good cause."

The race supports the Kennedy Krieger Institute, an internationally recognized institution that is committed to helping children who suffer from brain disorders and injuries.

Friederichs runs in races often as a way to keep fitness fun. She placed in the top three in her age group in the last two 5Ks she ran, meeting her own personal goal.

"I love fitness, I love to run, and I love to do races because they allow me to set and meet goals for myself," she says.