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 March 2013

Employee Transitions

Columbia College welcomes new employees.

Mackenzie Booth, SSS Tutor
Michael Elledge, PT Math Tutor, Kansas City, Mo.
Danielle Kreutzer, Administrative Assistant; Lake Ozark, Mo.
Brian Linderson, PT Building Monitor; Ft. Worth, Texas
Roy Matsueda, PT Administrative Assistant; San Diego, Calif.
Dana McLean, Administrative Assistant; NAS Jacksonville, Fla.
Theuri Ken Munyeria, Assistant Analyst, Institutional Research
Cynthia Myers, Administrative Assistant; Kansas City, Mo.
Ryan Peterson, Building Monitor, Salt Lake Campus, Utah
Stefanie Phillips, Administrative Assistant; Hunter AAF
Cody Stout, PT English Tutor; Kansas City, Mo.
Tiffany Sutton, Records Coordinator
Matthew Veach, Campus Admissions Manager; Orlando, Fla.
LuAnne Wilkendorf, Enrollment Advisor 1, Hawaii

Laterals & Promotions
Nathanael Arbuckle, Technology Support Associate-Admissions to Academic Advisor-Jefferson City, Mo.
Sara Clark, Assistant Director of Academic Programs, Online to Assistant Director, Evening Campus
Cheryl Harris, Administrative Assistant-Online Campus to Records Coordinator-Student Records & Transcripts
Nasha Richmond, Administrative Assistant-St. Louis to Administrative Assistant-Online
Bob Steffes, MAT Community Outreach Coordinator-Online Campus to Assistant Director-St. Louis, Mo.