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 March 2013

Student of the Month

Student of the Month

Congrats to David Leon, Enrollment Management.

Freshman David Leon has worked as a Retention Ambassador for the past four months. After graduating from Hickman High School, he joined Air Force ROTC in August 2012. He joined without a scholarship and is working this year to obtain one. “Since Columbia College is a partnership school to Mizzou ROTC, it is very challenging for David to commute to morning physical training sessions at 6 a.m., weekly classes and leadership labs and general club and committee meetings,” says nominator Kirk Wallace, Director of Student Retention and Enrollment Management Projects. “With ROTC experience myself, I have been amazed at how well he has organized his academics, extracurricular activities and ROTC commitments.”

Recently, Leon was selected as the “Cadet of the Semester” for the Air Force ROTC at MU. The award is a good indication that he might secure the scholarship. “This is also phenomenal considering he is only a freshman and from a partnership school,” Wallace says. “His leadership, teamwork, commitment and overall performance were key to his success.”

Leon, who works 8 to 11 hours per week in the Retention Office, maintains good grades and takes on the role of Scooter on Preview Day.