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 March 2013

Set in Stone

Set in Stone

Student Affairs buys a brick.

By Kim Coke, Director of Student Development

A visit from Nathan Fleischmann, director of annual giving, prompted Student Affairs to take an active role in contributing to the completion of the new science building. Nathan came to discuss the importance of annual giving with our staff. I must admit, I never look forward to those conversations. I always have a mixed feeling of guilt and frustration. Guilt because although I love the institution, I rarely find myself with extra cash that isn’t already committed to external obligations. With a teenager and two small children, it seems there are always limiting factors on my finances. The frustration I feel is born out of my desire to contribute. I knew others in my office had some of the same limitations.

It was the combination of his conversation, the excitement over the new building and the realization that the Student Affairs staff had grown, that led to an idea. I thought about the ability to purchase a brick for the area outside the new science building entrance and loved the idea of tangibly contributing to that project. I looked around the table and realized that it would only cost around $10 per person for our department to cover the cost of a brick.

In less than a week, we had reached our goal. The entire staff contributed. It was a feel-good moment for everyone involved. We loved working together to achieve our goal, knowing we were contributing to the education of current and future students and leaving a lasting legacy of our intentions as a division to build strong supportive communities on campus.

I hope we can be trend setters for other departments. Sometimes it isn’t always possible to contribute large amounts of money as an individual, but as a team we were able to make a significant contribution and that felt great!