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 February 2013

Employee Transitions

Employee Transitions

Columbia College welcomes new employees.

Pictured above: New employee orientation for faculty and staff hired since Oct. 23, 2012.

Front row, from left: Erika Chistiansen, Registration and Financial Services Coordinator; Emilie Hill, Administrative Assistant, HR; Rachael Sparks, Evaluator; Chris Matthews, Academic Advisor, Online Campus; Jonathan Griffin, Help Desk Analyst/Lab Coordinator; Hannah Burnett, Registration and Financial Services Coordinator; Colleen Cusumano, Social Media Manager; Jennifer Truesdale, Public Relations Coordinator. 

Middle row, from left: Mike Lederle, Assistant Dean for Military and Federal Programs; Sarah Rau, Evening Recruiter and Graduate Admissions Counselor; Ashley Wells, Administrative Assistant, Adult Higher Education; Marc Johnson, Verificaton Coordinator; Ben Overberg, Registraiton and Financial Services Coordinator; Suzanne Wagner, Financial Aid Coordinator; Amanda Iman, Creative Strategist, Marketing.

Back row, from left: Mike Targonski, Regional Admissions Counselor; Deborah Nutt, Records Coordinator; Suzanne Rothwell, Senior Director of Public Relations; Kimberly McKinney, Registration and Financial Services Coordinator; Kyle Gunning, Social Media Coordinator.


Patrick Becker, Director; Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
Ambima Buzhyason, Biology Tutor-Seabrooke Writing Center
Lisa A. Galeski, Senior Clinical Instructor; Lake Ozark
Amanda Iman, Creative Strategist
William (Chris) Matthews, Academic Advisor 1; Online
Crystal Moore, Administrative Assistant; St. Louis, Mo.
April Reed, Enrollment Assistant; Jacksonville, Fla.
Eric Pinkham, Math Tutor
JenVon Cherry, Enrollment Assistant I; Charleston, SC
Edward Wright, PT Test Proctor; Patrick AFB, Fla.
Jessica Nicole Young, Graduate Assistant Athletic Training