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 January 2013

Educating the Educators

More than 100 teachers attend professional development conference.

The Education Department hosted a professional development conference Saturday, Nov. 10 in Dulany Hall on Main Campus. Columbia College faculty provided training for area teachers, who, in turn, receive continuing education credit. Approximately 100 teachers, education students and recent graduates attended.

The topic, Thinking Maps, was presented by Dr. Paul Hanna and the education department faculty. "Thinking Maps are a form of visual communication for teachers and students," Hanna explains. "They emanate from eight visual patterns, which are based on fundamental thinking processes - many of which require higher level thinking. The Thinking Maps and the required thinking are as follows:

  • Circle map: defining in context
  • Tree map: classifying
  • Bubble map: describing
  • Double bubble map: comparing and contrasting
  • Flow map: sequencing
  • Multi-flow map: cause and effect
  • Brace map: part to whole and whole to part
  • Bridge map: analogies

"Thinking Maps are readily extended to scaffold vocabulary acquisition and writing, to name a couple of applications," Hanna says.