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 January 2013

Congratulations to ESOL Students

Congratulations to ESOL Students

Congratulations, felicitaciones to ESOL Students.

By Miranda Wilkerson

“My main goal for this semester is to have an unforgettable experience and to learn about American culture,” writes one student in an ESOL class for non-native speakers of English at the start of the semester. Another writes, “My main goal for this semester is to acclimate myself to the college environment, making American and international friends.” A third student notes that his main goal for the semester is “to have self-confidence when speaking English” and “to overcome fears.”

At the ESOL Celebratory Dinner Dec. 4, ESOL students were congratulated on having accomplished the very goals they set for themselves in August. Hosted by ESOL and International Student Services, each student enrolled in ESOL coursework for the fall 2012 semester received a Certificate of Participation. Students were delighted to hear from Dr. Terry Smith, Executive Vice President and Dean for Academic Affairs, who shared the positive influence ESOL students have had - and will continue to have - on the Columbia College campus.

In closing, students watched a photo slideshow, chronicling highlights of the semester, including on-campus activities, such as International Coffee Hour and International Extravaganza, as well as off-campus activities, such as fieldtrips to the apple orchard, Necropolis Haunted House, Shryocks Calloway Farms and so on.

“The ESOL Celebratory Dinner is a way to bring some closure to the semester for these students, particularly those who were just here for one semester as part of our exchange partnership with Kongju National University in South Korea,” remarks Britta Wright, Director of International Student Services.

“An event like this is something we will continue to do each semester,” says Miranda E. Wilkerson, Assistant Professor and Coordinator of ESOL. “I think I speak for us all when I say that we at Columbia College could not be more pleased to have been a part of their success. We owe it to our students to let them know that.”