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 November 2012


A review of college news, happenings and employee milestones.

Associate Professor of History Michael Polley has been chosen to write articles on Chinatown in San Francisco and Asian American Filmakers for the Encyclopedia of Asian American Culture, scheduled to be published in 2014 by ABC CLIO Press. Polley also delivered the Oct. 6 Commencement address at the Springfield, Mo. campus of Columbia College.

Miranda E. Wilkerson’s article, “Linguistic Marginalities: Becoming American without Learning English,” was accepted for publication in the Journal of Transnational American Studies.

Between Oct. 24 and Nov. 14, Bill Carney (Director of Academic Programs, Online Campus) is giving a series of four talks at First Christian Church in Columbia on the topic of religion and the Civil War. This will focus on the role of religion in the conflict, the use of religion to both condemn and defend slavery, the belief by both North and South that God was on their side. It will also deal with slavery and slave culture and the importance of religion in it. Carney will also look at hymns, sermons, the influence of religion on the abolitionist movement, religion and politics and religion and military action. Carney will discuss Abraham Lincoln’s views related to the war as punishment for the maintaining of slavery as well as the issuance of the first Thanksgiving Proclamation. He will also look at aspects of slavery related to mid Missouri.

On Oct. 14, assistant professor of history David Karr organized a Columbia College Student, Staff and Faculty Stream Clean team. The group, which consisted of 11 people, cleaned up the Hinkson Creek stream bank close to the Scott Blvd. entrance to the MKT trail. “This area is pretty difficult to access and so hasn’t been on the city’s own citywide stream clean event in the past,” Karr says. “Ours was a sort of ‘trial run’ to see if it might be included in the future.”
Participants included: David Karr, Faculty - History (team organizer); Andy Schwarm, day student; Kimberly Griffin, day student; Lushen Griffin, son of Kimberly; Erin McConachie, staff - evaluations; Christine Chirko, staff - evaluations; Janet Trent, staff - evaluations; Steve Davis, evening student; Scott McMahon, faculty - art; Cheryl Hardy, faculty - social sciences; Mark Baltzer, Dr Hardy’s husband and mathematician at Rock Bridge High School.

Congratulations to the September Student Employee of the Month, Kayla Dunnvant, who works in the Student Affairs office. “She has become a great asset to our team,” says Trischa Splitter, Office Coordinator, Student Affairs. “Not only do her design talents make her a great addition to the front desk, but her positive attitude is appreciated by our staff as well.”
Kayla is responsible for opening the office every morning. “When I am out of the office or running errands, I can count on her to have the office up and running by 8 a.m.” Splitter says.
Kayla’s courtesy toward office visitors - from students to staff to faculty to prospective students - has also been noticed, in addition to her commendable initiative, leadership and teamwork.