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 September 2012

Employee Transitions

Jodi Urhahn, Graduate Assistant, Athletic Training.
Mindy Mackay, Systems Analyst.
Tyler Galloway, Sports Information Graduate Assistant, Athletics.
Jayme Krizanich, Data and Gift Administration Specialist, Development.
Tamara Price, Accounts Payable Coordinator, AHE.
Tracey Ratermann, currently Academic Advisor I, St. Louis, MO, promoted to Academic Advisor, Online Campus.
Mike Targonski, Regional Admissions Counselor, Admissions.
Sheena Kendrick, Graphic Designer.
Kristyn Sumner, Building Monitor, Rolla, MO.
Illiana Saldana, promoted to Academic Advisor I, Orlando, FL.
Kelly Kugler, Campus Admissions Manager, Hancock Field.
Jeremy Kauffman, currently Safety Officer, Campus Safety, part-time Safety Officer.
Barbara Prenger , Campus Admissions Manager, Jefferson City, MO.
Jennifer Grieve, part-time Athletic Compliance Administrative Assistant, Athletics.
Keleana Moore, Administrative Assistant, Ft. Leonard Wood, MO.
Keith Randall, Back-Up Building Monitor (part-time), Jefferson City, MO.
Danielle Bandy, Statistics for the Behavioral & Natural Sciences Tutor, Seabrook Writing Center.
Kacey Rehagen, Softball Graduate Assistant, Athletics.
Dana Davis, Campus Director, Hunter AAF, GA.
Janelle Stowers, English Tutor, St. Louis, MO.
Carolyn Navarro, Administrative Assistant, NAS Jacksonville, FL.
Patricia Vogt, PT Math Tutor, Math Center.
Meghan Gill, Graduate Assistant, Soccer, Athletics.
Don Stumpf, currently Director, Hunter, GA, promoted to Director Ft. Stewart, GA.
Carthel Starks, Academic Advisor, NAS Jacksonville, FL.
Ashley Gosseen, currently System Administrator, Online Campus, promoted to Assistant Director of Instructional Technology, Online Campus.
Cheri Shuffain, Academic Advisor I, Lake County, IL.
Laura Englehutt, Graduate Assistant, Cross Country, Athletics.
Jeffrey Barringer, currently Records Coordinator, Student Records & Transcripts, will start as Special Processes Associate, " Student Records & Transcripts on 8/27/12.
Jennifer Cornwell, Graduate Assistant-International Student Services, Student Affairs.
Allison Braun, Graduate Assistant-Student Development, Student Affairs
Andrea Hunting, promoted to Senior Coordinator of Communications and Technology, Student Affairs.
Janitze Huey started as Enrollment Assistant, Goose Creek, SC on 8/27/12.
Heather Williams will start as Administrative Assistant, PR on 9/4/12.
Bob Grayson, currently Evening Custodian, Maintenance, will start as Campus Safety Officer, Campus Safety on 9/10/12.
Ivy Brown has been promoted to Assistant Director, Systems Operations, Student Records and Transcripts.
Lori Doherty has been promoted to Assistant Director, Office Operations, Student Records and Transcripts.
Jeff Barringer has been promoted to Special Processes, Student Records and Transcripts.
Monique Pierce, Administrative Assistant, Ft. Worth campus.
Renee Rogers, Campus Director, fort Sill, OK