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Transfer credit FAQ

Official transcripts are required from all previous colleges attended - no exceptions. This includes Military experience, college courses taken during high school, and AP, CLEP and DSST exams.

My previous college will not release my transcript until my account balance is paid. May I still enroll at Columbia College?

Columbia College evaluates transfer credit for applicants and admitted students based off unofficial or official transcripts. Please note, however, that a precursory credit review can be done only once per student.

My previous college closed. How can I get a transcript?

Contact the department of education for your school's state. That office will have information about the location of old school records. If the records are no longer available, ask the state record keeper to send us a letter explaining the situation.

I only took one class, and it won't apply towards my degree with Columbia College. Do I still have to get a transcript?

Absolutely yes.

What transfer credit will Columbia College accept?

Usually full credit is given for coursework completed with a grade of "C" or better from a regionally accredited college or university.

How much transfer credit will Columbia College accept?

We can accept any qualifying transfer credit. However, some of the transfer may not apply towards a specific degree. An associate's degree requires a minimum of 15 hours taken through Columbia College, and the remaining 45 hours may be transfer credit. A bachelor's degree requires at least 30 hours with Columbia College, and up to 90 hours may be transfer. No more than 60 hours of a bachelor's degree may be earned through non-college credit, such as military, CLEP, AP, DSST exams, or professional training.

How much do you charge to transfer credit?

This is done automatically for students admitted to the college. There is no fee to transfer previous credit.

May I test out of any classes?

Columbia College will give college credit for passing scores on CLEP or DSST exams.

What are CLEP and DSST/Dantes exams?

These are standardized tests that can be taken in various subjects to give credit for a specific class. The tests are not given through the Online program, but may often be taken at one of the Columbia College sites or numerous locations around the world.


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