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College Administration

Dr. Scott Dalrymple

St. Clair Hall, Room 102
(573) 875-7200

Dr. Jeff Musgrove

Vice President for Adult Higher Education
St. Clair Hall, Room 133
(573) 875-7663

Dr. Piyusha Singh

Vice President of Online Education, Interim Provost
Federal Hall, Room 101
(573) 875-7240

Kevin Palmer

Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
Missouri Hall, Room 239
(573) 875-7329

Mark Falkowski

Vice President and General Counsel
St. Clair Hall, Room 112
(573) 875-7722
Read more about General Counsel

Bruce Boyer

Chief Financial Officer
Missouri Hall, Room 310
(573) 875-7251

Bob Burchard

Director of Athletics
Southy Building, Room 6
(573) 875-7410

Patty Fischer

Executive Director, Human Resources
Missouri Hall, Room 123
(573) 875-7260

Gary Stanowski

Chief Information Officer
Launer, Room 9
(573) 875-7353

Clifford Jarvis

Executive Director of Plant and Facilities
St. Clair Hall, Room 112
(573) 875-7301

Suzanne Rothwell

Executive Director of Advancement
St. Clair Hall, Room 107 E
(573) 875-7207


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