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Sustainability committee

The Sustainability Committee is proud to serve the Columbia College community. The committee meets regularly to discuss and plan activities and initiatives to keep the campus community informed and engaged in sustainability efforts. Questions, thoughts, ideas? Please feel free to contact a committee member!

 Mission statement

The Go for Greener is a campaign of the Columbia College Sustainability Committee, comprised of faculty, staff and students appointed by the executive vice president and dean for Academic Affairs, Dr. Terry Smith.

The mission of the Sustainability Committee is to organize, implement and inform the campus and community about sustainability. This entails meeting the needs of the present campus and global community without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

 Meet the committee

Dr. Curtis Mason, committee chair

Assistant Professor, Department of Education
Time at Columbia College: 1 Year

How I Go for Greener on campus and at home: I recycle paper and use a reusable glass water bottle while I’m on campus. At home, we try to stay environmentally conscious by recycling, choosing reusable products, and using an electric-powered lawn mower.

Contact Dr. Mason:

Sara Clark

Assistant director, Evening Campus
Time at Columbia College: 5 years

How I Go for Greener on campus and at home: I'm mainly interested in ways everyday products can be reused or repurposed.

Contact me:

Katie Greer

Academic Advisor II, Online Campus
Time at Columbia College: 3 years

How I Go for Greener on campus and at home: I continually question consumption. Beyond recycling, reducing, reusing efforts, our family strives to eat wisely. We maintain a lovely vegetable garden, can/freeze/dehydrate food, and try to eat local when possible.

Contact me:

Justi Montague

Helpdesk Analyst/Training Coordinator, Technology Services
Time at Columbia College: 4 years

How I Go for Greener on campus and at home: I recycle at home, even though I don't have curb side pickup. I also collect items for the TerraCycle program and have gone completely paperless in my personal and professional life!

Contact me:

Dr. Michael Polley

Associate Professor of History, Department of History, Philosophy and Political Science
Time at Columbia College: 24 years

I have taught History at Columbia College since 1990. I Go for Greener on campus by recycling paper, cardboard, and cans, and utilizing the trayless system at Dulany. I recycle in the community, use CFL bulbs in lights, and combine car trips to save on gasoline.

Contact Dr. Polley:

MaryJane Worstell

Director of Academic Advising, Division of Adult Higher Education
Time at Columbia College: 15 years

How I Go for Greener on campus and at home: I've been recycling since the 70s and can often be found picking recyclables out of the trash at work and in public. Over-consumption, which leads to environmental degradation, has been my recent obsession, so I walk or bike when I can, keep my air/heat to a minimum and reuse products as much as possible.

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