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Online Campus Scholarships

This is a general reference guide only. For detailed information regarding terms and conditions of scholarships and renewal criteria, please review the "Scholarships, Awards, and Grants" section of your academic catalog. Find your catalog on the Registrar Web site. Institutional scholarships listed apply to tuition only; combinations of scholarships and external assistance cannot exceed tuition or apply to other charges unless otherwise specified. Scholarships below are only available to undergraduate students unless specified.

Below is a list of scholarships available to students taking online web-based classes.

Scholarship Amount Criteria Application process
Associate Degree
Transfer Grant
$375 ($75 per session) Eligibility for the Associate Transfer Grant includes the following criteria:

The Associate Degree must have been earned within the past twelve months and consist of 60 credit hours or its equivalent. The student must not have received the Associate degree from Columbia College. The student may not have completed additional college work since the award of the Associate degree. The student must have financial need. (For example, he or she must not be eligible for VA Benefits or for Tuition Assistance.)

The Associate Transfer Grant provides a reduction in tuition for each eligible student at a maximum of $12.50 per credit hour attempted.

This award is for five sessions only, for a maximum total award of $375
To receive and remain eligible for the grant, the student must maintain satisfactory academic progress according to established institutional policy and must be continuously enrolled as a full-time student.

Complete and submit an application for institutional aid.
CCAA Scholars Program $1,000 Awarded to a full time, degree seeking student who has completed at least 24 Columbia College credit hours and has a cumulative GPA of 2.75. Complete and submit the CCAA Scholars Program scholarship application. Please see the CCAA Scholars Program page for more information and scholarship deadlines.
Coast Guard Spouse Grant 50% tuition grant for in-seat or online undergraduate courses. The overall award maximum is limited to $4,000. To be eligible, the student must be the spouse of an active duty Coast Guard military member, degree seeking in an associate degree program (excluding the Associate of General Studies degree program) and fully admitted to Columbia College. The discount does not apply to students whose tuition is covered under other tuition assistance programs. This grant cannot be used in conjunction with any other Columbia College tuition discounts or grants. Student must submit the grant application before registering and show military dependent identification card to campus for verification (online students may submit Military Status Form). Renewable for maximum of three years after grant first used. Complete and submit a Coast Guard Spouse Grant Form. A new application must be completed each academic year. Online campus students must also submit the Military Status Form.
Col. Charles E. McGee Scholarship $1000 Competitive Award available to a military veteran who is degree-seeking with a 2.5 GPA. Complete and submit a Col. McGee Scholarship Application along with essay and references. The application deadline is early in each calendar year for awards starting in August. The deadline for submission, eligibility requirements and the application can be found here. Award split between August, October, January and March sessions in academic year.
eScholarship $1,000

The eScholarship is a one-time award designed to reward outstanding achievement in online study at Columbia College. The award will be for the upcoming academic year to undergraduate students who, in addition to meeting the minimum criteria, demonstrate a history of academic excellence and personal growth as a result of taking online courses with Columbia College.  At the time of application, the student must meet the following criteria:

  • Have successfully completed at least three online courses during the current academic year.
  • Have at least 21 hours of coursework with Columbia College (in-seat or online).  9 of the hours should have been taken during the previous academic year.
  • Be a degree-seeking, undergraduate student working on 1st baccalaureate (bachelors) degree.
  • Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5 with Columbia College.

Online Campus students may request application and short answer form by emailing the Online Campus at  The completed application and short answer form must be submitted by email to

We accept applications April 1 to June 10.

Frank Westling Scholarship $750
  • Enrolled at Nationwide campus at time of award
  • 3.0 cumulative GPA
  • Met residency requirements for degree sought
Selected by representatives from Nationwide campuses, from their own students. Westling scholarship applicationPDF document

Applications are due February 2nd.
Missouri Association of Community Action (MACA) Grant 10% tuition discount  
  • Student must be a member of the Missouri Association of Community Action (MACA)
  • Student must submit the MACA Grant Application form and a copy of their MACA membership card annually in order to receive the MACA Grant.  Proof of eligibility can also be determined by having a MACA representative send an email (with the subject line MACA Grant Eligibility) to confirming active membership.
Complete and submit application form

Missouri State Teachers Association Grant

10% tuition discount for MSTA members

  • Student must have a paid membership to the Missouri State Teachers Association. Student MSTA memberships will not be accepted.
  • Student must submit the MSTA Grant Application Form and a copy of their MSTA membership card annually in order to receive the MSTA Grant.
  • The MSTA Grant can be applied to in-seat or online graduate coursework and is not available for post-baccalaureate or undergraduate coursework.

Complete and submit an Application form. Membership through the MO teachers association is required.

Spouse's Opportunity Grant Amount is tuition for one in-seat or one online course. Awarded to spouse of military members currently serving on active duty or in the Guard and Reserves. Student must be seeking first undergraduate degree and be enrolled in first course at Columbia College. Student must also complete Military Grant Application and Military Status Form before registering. Submit Military Grant Application and Military Status Form. Student must also show military identification card at campus for verification of status.
Two-in-Family Grant $75 per session

Awarded to full-time students with an immediate family member (parent, child, sibling, spouse) enrolled full-time at Columbia College.

Renewable with good academic standing and continued full time enrollment for both family members.

Complete and submit an application for institutional aid.

A new application must be completed each year.

Utah Peace Officer’s Grant

100% tuition grant for the first undergraduate course (in seat or online)taken at Columbia College for current UPOA members and their spouses

  • Available to current Utah Peace Officers Association members and their spouses.
  • Student must be admitted as a degree-seeking student to Columbia College.
  • Student must be taking first undergraduate course at Columbia College.

Complete and submit an Application form