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Due to the anticipated inclement weather on Saturday, April 29, the Ivy Chain Ceremony on main campus that is set for 9 a.m. will take place in Atkins-Holman Student Commons. Check-in remains at 8 a.m. and will take place in the Missouri Hall Parlor. Please call Student Affairs at (573) 875-7400 if you have any questions or concerns.

Congratulations, graduates! They did it and so can you. Start your degree now.

Congratulations, graduates! They did it and so can you. Start your degree now.

Apply today!

Here are some of our hard-working graduates at last year’s commencement ceremony.

What can I study?

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What can I study?

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Columbia College classroom

Classes are small, so your voice is heard, not the lecturer's.

What's happening at Columbia College?

How will I pay?

Don't be put off by the sticker price! there are tons of ways to pay for your education.

  • 160

    More than 160 years: That's how long we've been serving our students.

  • 70

    70% of Columbia College students receive federal grants to help pay for college.

  • 4.1

    $4.1 million: Amount of scholarships awarded by Columbia College each year.

Where can I take classes?

Take classes online or find evening classes near you.

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Though founded in Columbia, Missouri, Columbia College has since expanded to more than 35 locations around the country. With more than 15 locations on military bases, we excel at serving military members and veterans as well as civilians.

Launer hall

What’s going on in the CC community?

So good to see my friends from our @cc_alumni board ... and @mgosney8 this AM! #wearecc #beautifulpeople

Last night was definitely one I would not forget for a very long time. I thank God for blessing me with all the amazing people he has surrounded me with, and also for this humbling Rogers Gate award. I thank my family, mentors, supervisors, friends, colleagues, and everyone who has been a blessing in my life up to this point ...and that includes you reading this 😊 For me, this award does is not a representation of accomplishments or ability because I could never do anything on my own or by my own strength. Rather it signifies 4 years of trying and failing, of learning from countless mistakes, of falling but never staying down, of taking risks and hoping for the best, and of trusting God to lead the way even when the future doesn't look so bright. I will like to dedicate this award to my parents who sacrificed everything for me from the day I was born up to where I am today. Only God knows how much I love you guys. Thank you for raising me and may God bless and keep you to reap the fruits of your labor! ❤ Also a special thank you to all who nominated me for this and other awards. The world today is in need of change and healing, and to every person out there aspiring to be a part of this change by making an impact in the world I say: work hard cause you never know what the seed you are sowing will reap, pray hard cause you will need God all along the way, dream hard 'cause dreaming won't cost you a penny but could earn you a fortune, believe in yourself because you are good enough, and lastly, play hard 'cause you only have one life to live. Thank you CC for the 4 years of learning and growing. I will never forget you. #WeAreCC! ❤❤❤ **Ps: Sorry I didn't take pictures of myself lol.

Thank you, Central Missouri Humane Society, for bringing some four-legged visitors to campus yesterday for some much need stress relief. 🐾🐶

Baseball player Alex Anderson cheers for his team, Columbia College, as they pull ahead in their first game in 35 years. #baseball #columbiacollege #columbia

When can I start?

Next sessions begin:

Day classes in Columbia, Missouri begin:

August 28

All classes at the Day Campus take place over 16-week semesters.

Registration deadline:
August 30

Evening and online classes begin:

May 1

All evening and online class sessions last eight weeks.

Registration deadline:
May 3

Who will be teaching me?

Get to know...
Janie Alexander
Instructor of Psychology, Columbia, Missouri

Fun Facts

  • Avid kayaker
  • Certified hypnotist
  • Whitewater rafter
Read about Janie Alexander
Portrait of Janie Alexander
“My favorite thing about my job is watching a student connect the dots to create that A-HA moment.”


Cougar Athletics
  • eSports

    The eSports team prepares for the Midwest Campus Clash Tournament and Gaming Expo on April 8.

  • Basketball

    Men’s basketball concludes the 2016-17 season with a 27-6 record.

  • Basketball

    A final tally of 26-7 settles the season for women’s basketball.

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